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Skin care

Are you concerned about your skin and whether you are doing everything to make it feel and look good?

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is incredibly important to care for. Therefore, within this guide, you will learn more about skincare and the routine you should be putting in place.Whether you are looking for the best skincare for men or skincare for teens tips or you need some advice on the best skincare products.

Read on to discover

  • How do I Take Care of My Skin?
  • The Five-Step Skincare Routine
  • The Ten-Step Skincare Routine
  • Which Skincare Routine is for You?
  • What is the Best care for My Skin?
  • Skincare for Problem Areas
  • Skincare Home Remedies
  • What are the Five Basics of Skincare?
  • Skincare FAQs

How Do I Take Care of My Skin?

A good skincare routine helps prevent acne, premature wrinkles, dryness, and other common skin problems.

With the right products and regime, you will see a definite improvement in your skin which will, in turn, boost your confidence.

Knowing how to look after your skin is the first step to taking care of it and seeing results. Here are the steps you need to take:

Understand Your Skin Type

Before you go and research skincare companies or buy a ton of skincare essentials, you should first understand your skin type.

There are four main types: dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Knowing your type will help you choose the products that work best for your skin.

Find the Right Products

The next step involves researching and choosing the right skincare products. Remember – one skincare product might work excellently for one person but is not right for you. Often, it’s best to introduce one new product to your routine at a time to determine how it works for your skin.

Stick to a Routine

Create a routine that works for your skin and your lifestyle. Not everyone’s routine looks the same. Some people prefer a more basic skincare routine, whereas others like to spend lots of time applying multiple products.

Two popular routines to follow are the five-step and the ten-step. The five-step routine is a little more basic yet still incorporates all the essential steps for healthy skin. The ten-step routine involves Korean skincare and includes every step, from exfoliating to masks.

apply serum on face

The Five-Step Skincare Routine

The five-step routine contains the five most basic – and essential – steps in a skincare routine to ensure optimal skin health. It is ideal for those just starting as well as people who want to look after their skin but don’t have enough time in the day to apply multiple products.

1. Cleanse

The first step is cleansing. A good cleanser removes all dirt, oil, makeup, and SPF without drying out the skin. The Decubal Face Wash is cleansing and soothing, ensuring your face is clean without breaking your skin’s outer barrier.

2. Tone

Next comes the toner. This step is to balance the PH levels on the skin. Choose a toner specific to your needs – if you have dehydrated skin, a hydrating toner containing glycerin works well.

3. Serum

A serum is an oil or water-based product that you apply after toner but before moisturiser. It often contains extra vitamins to combat signs of ageing. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are great in serums if you’re looking to rehydrate and prevent the signs of ageing.

4. Moisturise

Moisturising is next, and is an essential step that moisturises the skin, combatting dryness and protecting the barrier from environmental damage. For very dry skin or a great addition to your winter skincare, the Decubal Original Clinic cream provides a protective layer that deeply penetrates, providing plenty of moisture.

5. SPF

SPF is the last step in the five-step routine and is arguably the most important. Damage from UV rays is a contributor to rapid ageing. A good SPF skincare product used every morning helps ensure your skin stays protected from those rays. Plus, it reduces your risk of skin cancer.

The Ten-Step Skincare Routine

For a more intense routine that incorporates multiple steps and products, you might try the ten-step routine that originated in Korea. It involves layering skincare products each morning and night to create a perfect glow. Here is each step:

  1. Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover: 1x per day – night
  2. Water-Based Cleanser: 2x per day
  3. Exfoliator: 1-2x per week
  4. Toner: 2x per day
  5. Serum: 2x per day
  6. Sheet Mask: 1-2x per week
  7. Eye Cream: 2x per day
  8. Moisturiser: 2x per day
  9.  SPF: 1x per day – morning

It incorporates the five steps used in the simpler routine but adds in some more steps for increased focus on problem areas and extra hydration. Some of the additional key steps to highlight in the ten-step process include:

Eye cream

The eye cream is possibly the most important step added and is often added to the five-step routine because of how effective it is. The eye area is the most delicate area on the face and therefore requires a little extra care – a good eye cream provides that.

The Decubal Eye Cream contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which provides both hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits, giving your eyes the moisture and protection that they need to prevent fine lines and other signs of ageing.

Exfoliation and sheet masks

Exfoliation and sheet masks are also used in the ten-step routine (although only once or twice a week). Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the face, providing a fresh, healthy glow. Sheet masks are face masks that sit atop the skin and include plenty of hydrating and skin-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Both of these added steps create a more well-rounded routine that promotes healthy skin.

Which Skincare Routine is for You?

The best skincare routine is the one that works for you as an individual. If you have enough time to spare each morning and evening and you enjoy layering products and seeing that undeniable glow, you will likely benefit from a ten-step routine.

What is the Best Care for My Skin?

It’s good to know about the best skincare routines, but how do you know the best skincare products for your individual skin needs? Whether you are on the lookout for the best skincare products for dry skin or the best skincare for sensitive skin, here are some recommendations and ideas.

Products for Dry Skin

Dry skincare products work by providing moisture and adding a protective layer. They are often heavier and more penetrating than products for other skin types. Here are some excellent products for those with dry skin:

  • Decubal Original Clinic Cream

The Decubal Original Clinic cream is extremely moisturising with its 38% fat and protective layering. It is made for dry, sensitive skin, and the best results are seen when used daily.

  •  Decubal Eye Cream

For a hydrating eye cream, Decubal Eye Cream is a stand-out. It contains some of the best natural skincare ingredients, including vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. With this eye cream, you will notice a reduction in fine lines and puffiness.

  • Decubal Lips & Dry Spots Balm

If you have extremely dry areas or you suffer from dry, chapped lips, you can use Decubal Lips & Dry Spots Balm for excellent results. Containing purified lanolin, this balm penetrates deeply, ensuring the area enjoys plenty of moisture.

Incorporate it into your night skincare routine to let it sink in overnight, leaving you with nourished skin in the morning.

Look Out for These Ingredients for Dry Skin:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera
  •  Jojoba Oil

Products for Sensitive Skincare

Skin that irritates easily and reacts to harsh products is usually categorised as sensitive. With sensitive skin, you must choose your products carefully to ensure the ingredients don’t exacerbate problem areas.

  • Decubal Face Cream

For a great skincare for sensitive skin moisturiser, the Decubal Face Cream works excellently. Containing Vitamin E and glycerin, this deeply penetrating cream moisturises well without causing any irritation.

  • Decubal Anti-itch Gel

Decubal Anti-itch Gel has no perfume and is hypoallergenic – it only contains ingredients that calm the skin, providing an enjoyable soothing sensation. It’s a great go-to skincare gel for people with irritated skin, as it will soothe the area and stop you from scratching.

  • Decubal Face Wash

Many face washes strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Not the Decubal Face Wash. This is the best skincare for dry, sensitive skin. Its gentle ingredients cleanse softly without stripping the skin’s natural barrier. The results are soft, smooth skin that steers clear of irritation.

Look Out for These Ingredients for Sensitive Skin:

  • Squalane
  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin
  • Chamomile

Products for Oily Skin

Oily skin is defined by the overproduction of oil, which can turn into acne and large pores. The best skincare for oily skin strikes a balance between oil and dryness, ensuring excess oils are kept at bay without drying the skin out.

You will want to find a cleanser that targets oily skin by removing dead skin cells and excess oils. Use twice daily for best results. Then, you need a serum that can be applied after cleansing to penetrate the pores and exfoliate the skin, ensuring your skin is perfectly smooth.

Look Out for These Ingredients for Oily Skin:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Witch Hazel

Skincare for Problem Areas

General skincare is often about targeting wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and other natural skin concerns. There are other problem areas, though, that require a little more attention, such as dermatitis and rosacea.

Some symptoms of these skin conditions include very sky skin, flaking, redness, and oozing. If symptoms are aggressive, it’s best to visit a skincare clinic to see a dermatologist. There are also skincare for perioral dermatitis treatments you can use at home, though.

If you experience very dry or cracked skin on your hands and feet, Debucal has a hand care cream and a foot cream to provide plenty of moisture and relief. Apply it when necessary to help relieve symptoms.

If you have dermatitis that frequently itches, the Decubal Anti-itch Gel soothes the skin, allowing you relief from the symptoms. This should be used in conjunction with another cream to help reduce all the symptoms, including flaking and redness.

Some people experience skin problems on their scalp, which is a little harder to combat than other areas, as most people have hair in the way. If you have a dry, flaky scalp, Decubal’s Dry Scalp Treatment provides soothing relief with its ingredients of menthol, Vitamin B3, and Wheat Extract. You will enjoy itching relief as well as a reduction in flakiness.

Skincare Home Remedies

You can use remedies from around your home to help your skin. While a skincare routine should consist of actual skincare products, there is no harm in using these ingredients in a mask or as extra skin treatment.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe skincare is ideal for soothing, healing, and acne skincare management
  • Oatmeal: The best skincare home remedy for exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturising
  • Coconut Oil: For hydrating, protecting, and calming
  • Turmeric: For protecting, lightening, and anti-ageing

These skincare home remedies can be used both individually and together to create a mask.

What are the Five Basics of Skincare?

There is a lot of information about skincare and skin health – it can quickly become overwhelming. You don’t need to understand the exact science behind every product and ingredient to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

If nothing else, remember these five basics of skincare to get the most out of your routine.

1. Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week

Skin cells build up over time. Exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of them and reveal glowing skin underneath.

2. Layer from the Thinnest Product to the Thickest

Many people struggle to know which product to use first in their skincare regime. To keep it simple, follow this rule: layer from the thinnest product to the thickest. That means your hyaluronic acid will always go before moisturiser. Remember, though, that SPF is always applied last!

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

You can’t miss moisturiser from your routine. Even if you’re rushing out the door, always apply a healthy amount of moisturiser to the face.

4. Be Gentle Around the Eyes

The eye area is delicate. Use your ring finger to apply cream and tap gently. You should also use a gentle product like the Decubal Eye Cream to ensure no irritation.

5. Protect from the Sun

UV rays drastically age the skin, making SPF a must in any person’s skincare regime. Use a high-quality SPF that protects from all UV damage to ensure your skin stays healthy and young-looking for longer.

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Know What My Skin Type Is?

Oily skin often looks shiny at the end of the day; dry skin often feels tight and produces flakes or peeling skin; combination skin includes a mix of both. Sensitive skin is usually easy to determine by its reactions – it will become irritated from otherwise inoffensive products.

If you still don’t know what your skin type is, there is a simple method you can try at home which involves tissue. Blot your clean face with a tissue, wait an hour, and then pat again with another piece of tissue. Examine it – does it have a lot of oil? If it does, you have oily or combination skin.

What is the Best Skincare for Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydrated skin can be hydrated with the help of hyaluronic acid. Whether as an ingredient in a product or a whole bottle of hyaluronic acid (usually sold between 1-2%), it attracts water molecules which, in turn, hydrates the skin. Fun fact: hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!

Should I Do a Five or Ten-Step Skincare Routine?

The routine you choose should be based on your skincare needs and lifestyle. If you have kids, a busy job, and an active social life, you might find a ten-step routine a little overwhelming, and in this case, a five-step routine will suffice. If you enjoy skincare and want to use more products, the advanced skincare ten-step regime may be preferable.

Remember – you can adjust to suit yourself. For example, you might enjoy the added exfoliation in the ten-step routine but don’t think your skin needs an essence every single day.

How Long Until I See Results from My Skincare Routine

Results from skincare can take a while to show. Give your products a few months to work their magic (unless they irritate). If you see no improvement after then, it’s probably time to change your routine and try something new.

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